How can GoPublish benefit your magazine print production

What is GoPublish and how can it benefit your magazine print production?

Learn how GoPublish can benefit your magazine production, backed up with testimonials from customer case studies.

Efficiency, accuracy, and streamlined workflows play a crucial role in magazine production process. Over the past decade, the magazine industry has witnessed the emergence of innovative software solutions that aim to address these needs and bring about a revolution. Among these tools, GoPublish stands out as a market leader.

In this article, we highlight the benefits of GoPublish, backing this up with a customer case study from marketing agency GlobalData that demonstrates its real-world effectiveness.

GoPublish overview

GoPublish is a comprehensive software platform developed explicitly for the print publishing sector, and more specifically, magazine production. It offers a wide range of features and functions that ensure seamless collaboration, content creation, and layout design for all its users.

By leveraging GoPublish, magazine production teams can optimise their workflows, reduce errors, and achieve a higher level of productivity. It integrates seamlessly with Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy, all while providing a central shared space accessible to the entire production team.

You can view, edit, and update the magazine flat plan in real time. Long gone are the days of passing around folders with magazine hard copies or emailing PDFs to be marked up.

Streamlined creative collaboration

Creative collaboration is at the heart of successful magazine production, and GoPublish streamlines this by providing a centralised platform where teams can effortlessly collaborate, regardless of their location or time zone. Multiple team members, working simultaneously on a project, can work collaboratively to eliminate bottlenecks in the production process and ensure smooth communication across the team.

wether you are an editors, magazine designer, or proofreader you can seamlessly coordinate your efforts with your team via GoPublish. Increased efficiency will result in faster turnaround times.

Say hello to perfectly streamlined print production, arrange a free trial of GoPublish.

Enhanced proofing process and quality control

GoPublish incorporates advanced proofing and quality control mechanisms, strengthening the accuracy and precision of print production. Efficient collaboration during theses complex proofing stages allows stakeholders and clients to review and provide feedback on layouts, text, and images, instantly.

This provides prompt identification and rectification of errors, resulting in superior magazine output, which in turn leads to satisfied, returning, clients.

Increased print productivity and cost efficiency

By streamlining collaboration, automating layouts, and improving quality control, GoPublish significantly enhances productivity levels. You and your teams can accomplish so much more in less time, reducing project durations and costs.

Publication categories can be assigned to the flat plan and content can be switched and moved around with the click of a mouse. Everyone is instantly aware of any changes. GoPublish allows you to rearrange pages, switch sections, and edit in real time.

Seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud

By streamlining collaboration, automating layouts, and improving quality control, GoPublish significantly enhances productivity levels for all magazine publishers and producers.

As a designer or copyeditor you can log in via Adobe InDesign or Adobe InCopy and submit content through the GoPublish extension. Never having to leave your creative software of choice. GoPublish collates submitted work into a central location accessible by your entire production team.

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GoPublish user GlobalData
GlobalData and GoPublish

GlobalData case study

Don't just take our word for how powerful GoPublish can be for your magazine production. GlobalData, an award-winning b2b content marketing agency with a range of clients across multiple sectors, uses GoPublish to streamline its magazine production processes. Implementation of GoPublish directly led to an increase in productivity and cost efficiency.

Rob Manning, Head of Publishing Services at GlobalData, stated:

"GoPublish has changed our entire workflow for the better. We are now faster, more agile, and more efficient in our content production. This not only benefits our business, but it also benefits our clients as well."

Read more about the tangible benefits gained by GlobalData, here:

Innovative workflow software for print production teams

GoPublish is a game-changing software solution for magazine print production management, offering streamlined collaboration, efficient content creation, automated publication layouts, enhanced proofing, and increased productivity.

By leveraging this powerful platform, as a magazine publisher or producer you can elevate your operations, deliver high-quality output, and meet the demands of a rapidly evolving industry.

Say hello to perfectly streamlined print production, arrange a free trial of GoPublish.

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