Print magazine design trends 2023

Top print magazine design trends for 2023

A look at some of the top trends in editorial and magazine design layout being utilised in print magazines for 2023.


In any medium that requires the capture of a consumer's attention, it's important to stay ahead and stand out in a constantly changing world. Never more so than in magazine design. Innovative designs are needed, that push the limits but still follow conventions to keep audiences engaged.

From innovative layouts to sustainable design, each year a new wave of trends redefines the visual landscape of print magazines. In this article, we explore some of the top design trends that are shaping the industry in 2023.

Bold typography

Designers have embraced bold and daring fonts in 203, looking for type that add visual impact to magazine layouts, while retaining legibility and coherence.

Look out for experimental typography used in articles and spreads that challenge. Designers are pushing the boundaries. By including dynamic typographic arrangements and uncommon placements such as overlapping letters that create unique visual relationships to fragmented text for a sense of energy and intrigue.

Bold typography captivates readers and injects personality into a magazine's design. It serves as a powerful visual element that sets the tone, conveys emotions, and elevates the overall aesthetic of the publication.

Bold typography

A vibrant colour palette

The dull and muted colour palettes of recent years have made way for vibrant hues and eye-catching gradients. This year, magazine designs feature bold, energetic colour schemes that evoke emotions, enhance storytelling, and create visually striking experiences. Look out for brighter colours that create a lively and thrilling feeling on the pages.

In addition to vibrant single colours, designers are also embracing gradients. Gradients add depth, dimension, and visual interest to the layouts, creating captivating visuals that draw the reader in.

These vibrant colour palettes are giving a new and exciting look to magazine design, with bold colours and harmonious blends.

vibrant colour palette

Clean layouts

Minimalist and clean designs continue to thrive as a design trend, with uncluttered layouts taking the spotlight, and magazine design is no exception.

Simple designs, plenty of white space, and a focus on important parts ensures a magazine layout is always visually pleasing and easy to read.

Clean layouts characterise themselves through their use of white space, minimalistic typography, and strategic placement of content elements. This design aesthetic allows content to shine and enables readers to navigate pages while maintaining a sense of visual harmony.

A minimalist spread with a single striking image and a clean editorial grid with carefully curated text evokes sophistication and style.

Clean layouts

Sustainable design

With increasing environmental awareness, sustainability is a key focus in magazine design. Designers are opting for eco-friendly materials, recycled papers, and environmentally conscious printing techniques. Expect to see sustainable design principles seamlessly integrated into magazine layouts, reflecting a commitment to the environment.

Magazines are using materials like responsibly sourced paper, vegetable-based inks, and waterless printing to be more sustainable. Which will minimise the environmental impact of the production process and help preserve our planet.

Sustainable design

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Oversized photography

Large, impactful images continue to dominate magazine design. This oversized imagery grabs attention and conveys powerful narratives.

Whether it's full-bleed images, striking close-ups, or immersive photo essays, photography plays a pivotal role in capturing readers' attention. They creates a visual impact, allowing readers to fully immerse themselves in the visual storytelling experience.

Whether it's a captivating portrait, landscape, or dynamic action shot, oversized photography elevates a magazine's visual impact on a deeper level.

Oversized photography

Custom illustrations

Personalisation and authenticity shine through custom illustrations and hand-drawn elements. Magazine designs that feature bespoke illustrations, doodles, and sketches add a personality and human touch to visuals.

Custom illustrations allow magazines to establish a unique visual identity that sets them apart from their competitors. Whimsical and playful illustrations add a touch of joy and creativity, while sophisticated and intricate drawings convey more complex concepts.

Hand-drawn maps, custom icon sets, and illustrative narratives, all inject a sense of artistry and individuality into a magazine's design. This forges a deeper connection with readers and enhances the overall reading experience.

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Dynamic grids

We have seen a rise in more dynamic and asymmetrical layouts, with fluid grid systems that break the traditional mould. This provides the reader with visually stimulating compositions while showcasing editorial versatility.

Dynamic grids offer designers the freedom to experiment with non-linear arrangements, overlapping elements, and unexpected alignments. Asymmetrical layouts challenge the conventional balance and create a sense of movement and energy on the page. Dynamic grids also provide a fresh and engaging visual experience, keeping readers intrigued and offering a sense of editorial creativity.

Dynamic grds


The world of magazine design is brimming with exciting possibilities, with each new design a blank canvas for the designer to create something new and inventive. Embracing some of these design trends will help you to create captivating magazine reading experiences, for your clients or brands, that resonate with readers.

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The full portfolio of magazine design artwork showcased in this article can be found on Behance via the following links:

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