Compelling print magazine covers

15 tips for creating compelling print magazine cover designs

Produce captivating magazine covers by understanding your audience, using strong visuals, and emphasising simplicity. Be creative, and make your covers a powerful marketing tool.

Your print magazine's cover is the first impression you make on potential readers, and it plays a crucial role in enticing them to pick up your publication. A well-designed cover can make a significant difference in sales and audience engagement. In this post, we'll provide you with fifteen valuable tips on how to create magazine covers that captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.

1. Know your audience

Before you begin designing your magazine cover, have a clear understanding of your target audience's preferences and interests. In addition to demographics, delve deeper into your audience's psychographics. Understand their values, aspirations, and pain points. Conduct surveys or engage with them on social media to gather insights into their preferences and then you can tailor your cover design to resonate emotionally with them.

Compelling print magazine covers

2. Build a strong visual hierarchy

Create a clear visual hierarchy on your cover. Beyond typography, consider the use of color and scale to establish hierarchy. Utilise contrasting colours for headlines and subheadings to guide the reader's eye. Experiment with font weights and sizes to create emphasis.

3. Use eye-catching imagery

Select high-quality and relevant images that immediately convey the essence of your magazine. Visual appeal is paramount. Collaborate with talented photographers or illustrators who can create custom visuals tailored to your magazine's themes.

4. Consistent branding

Beyond the basics, consider the tone and style of your brand. Is it modern, classic, or edgy? Match your design elements, such as layout and colour schemes, to your brand's personality consistently across issues.

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5. Typography matters

Choose fonts that are legible and match the tone of your magazine. Go beyond just choosing fonts; think about text alignment, spacing, and hierarchy. Experiment with custom lettering or letterforms to create a unique typographic identity for your magazine to create a unique and engaging cover.

6. Play with contrast

Use contrast in colours and typography to create visual impact. A bold headline against a contrasting background can draw immediate attention. Don't limit contrast to colour and font. Experiment with contrasting concepts and ideas on your cover. A playful contrast between traditional and contemporary elements can be visually striking

7. Use negative space

Don't be afraid of white space. Negative space can make your cover look clean and sophisticated. It also helps guide the viewer's eye to important elements. Embrace minimalism when it enhances your cover's impact. Negative space doesn't mean emptiness; it allows the reader to focus on the essential elements. Use it strategically to create balance and elegance.

Compelling print magazine covers

8. Less is more

Avoid cluttering the cover with too many elements. Simplicity often works best. Feature one primary story or image prominently, supported by secondary elements. A cluttered cover can overwhelm readers and dilute the message.

9. Test different layouts

Experiment with various cover layouts. Try different arrangements of images, headlines, and other design elements to see what works best for each issue. A/B testing your cover designs with a small audience can provide valuable insights. Analyse which layout generates more interest and engagement and adapt accordingly.

10. Seasonal relevance

Consider the season or time of year when designing your cover. Incorporate relevant themes, colours, and imagery that resonate with the current season or holiday. Aligning your cover with the seasons is a great way to connect with your readers emotionally. Consider not only visuals but also thematic content that resonates with holidays or seasonal activities.

Compelling print magazine covers

11. Analyse competitors

Study the covers of other magazines in your niche. Analyse what works for them and identify opportunities to stand out while staying true to your brand. Identify trends and opportunities to differentiate your magazine while staying true to your niche.

12. Get feedback

Before finalising your cover design, seek feedback from colleagues or your target audience. Their input can provide valuable insights and help you make improvements. Seek feedback not only on the aesthetics but also on the emotional response your cover evokes. Gauge the emotional impact it has on potential readers to refine your design further.

13. Consider special finishes

If your budget allows, explore innovative printing techniques like embossing, metallic foils, or die-cutting to add a tactile and luxurious dimension to your covers. These can make your magazine stand out on newsstands

Compelling print magazine covers

14. Emphasise the lead story

If you have a standout feature article, make it the focal point of your cover. Make your lead story impossible to ignore. Use bold visuals, intriguing headlines, and teaser text to pique curiosity. Highlight the story's relevance to your readers' lives

15. Be bold and creative

Don't be afraid to take creative risks. Sometimes, an unexpected or unconventional design can make your magazine cover truly unforgettable. Dare to push boundaries. Occasionally, take creative risks that challenge conventions and spark curiosity. Unconventional design can make your magazine cover memorable and generate buzz.


In summary, a magazine cover is your publication's ambassador, and its design should be a strategic blend of art and psychology. By understanding your audience deeply, mastering design principles, and occasionally pushing creative boundaries, you can consistently create magazine covers that captivate your readers and drive engagement with your publication. Remember, your cover is not just an introduction; it's a compelling invitation to explore the world within your magazine's pages.

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