GoPublish is the next generation collaboration software for managing print publication layouts and design workflow


GoPublish is the next generation collaboration software for managing print publication layouts and design workflow

Discover the new way to create print publications

GoPublish helps you design the ultimate reader experience for your audience in every issue you produce.

Planning the layout and trying to figure out which content goes where is not a chore anymore.

This a beautiful way for you to leave spreadsheets and manually-created layout documents behind and start dragging and dropping features, advertorials, adverts and inserts exactly where you want them on a visual flat plan.

Sales teams and senior staff can drop in and take a look whenever they want. You can invite clients to review their paid content designs to give feedback, request changes and sign off using GoProof.

See how GoPublish harmonises your production, saves hours in planning and reduces costly errors in final print by requesting a demo today.

What you can do with GoPublish

Work from a centralised flat plan layout

Create a shared space for everyone to access, view and edit real-time-updated content plans together without printing off pages and passing a folder around

Reserve category spaces on the plan

Create and arrange the plan with editorial and paid adverts and allow sales teams to place the advertiser’s name on the plan to clearly show who has reserved space

Drag and reposition content easily

Forget printing off pages or handing around folders. Fire up GoPublish and allow your authorised users to move pages around, swap content sections and make edits directly on the flat plan

Check work in and out through Adobe InDesign®

Assign as many designers as you want to the project giving them specific pages to work on, allowing them to submit creative directly through the GoPublish InDesign extension panel

Manage the artwork status

See which categories and advert spaces are waiting on artwork or if a proof needs to be signed off by the client

Review content with clients and stakeholders

Through our leading proofing software GoProof, invite clients and internal stakeholders to comment on the creative designs, request changes and sign it off when they’re happy

Adobe InDesign® CC Integration

GoPublish talks directly to Adobe InDesign CS or CC through our extension panel.

Designers work right out of Adobe InDesign® to check their page work in and out of the plan, keeping everyone up to date with who’s doing what.

GoPublish even manages their document version history, so you can step back and restore previous creative at any time.

And there’s a ton of neat automatic features built in like folio re-numbering and print-ready PDF outputting that’ll make you weep

Get inspired by our customers

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“For the past nine years we’ve been using GoPublish for reviewing, repro and production management. Not only is the software exceptional value for money – providing savings with resources and a streamlined workflow – the support we receive is always first rate.”

Barry Davison, John Brown Media

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