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GoPublish transforms how you plan, produce, and review your magazines, print content and publications. A collaboration-focused solution for content publishers, brands, design agencies and magazine publishers working with Adobe InDesign or Adobe InCopy.
Designed for Adobe Creative Cloud

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Print production software solutionPrint production software solutionPrint production software solution
GoPublish quote
We've been using GoPublish for reviewing, repro and production management for over a decade. Not only is the software exceptional value for money - providing savings with resources and a streamlined workflow - the support we receive is always first rate.
Barry Davidson
John Brown Media

Versatile print and magazine production software

The perfect solution for print magazine publishers, agencies or contract publishers. Streamline production of traditional monthly titles, brand and client content or annual reports.

GoPublish Key features

Work from a centralised flat plan

Create a shared space for everyone to access, view and edit real-time-updated content plans together without printing off pages and passing a folder around.

Reserve category spaces on the plan

Every minute change on the document is highlighted with what / who / when information. View date range change reports. Search on changes. Apply changes or step back.

Drag and reposition content easily

Forget printing pages or handing around folders. Fire up GoPublish and allow your authorised users to move pages around, swap content sections and make edits directly on the flat plan.

Check in and out via Adobe InDesign

Assign as many designers as you need, giving them specific pages to work on, and allowing them to submit creative directly through the Adobe extension.

Manage the artwork status of every page

See at a glance which categories and advert spaces are waiting on artwork or if a proof needs to be signed off by the client.

Review with clients and stakeholders

Invite clients and internal stakeholders to comment on the creative designs, request changes and sign it off when they’re happy.

Track production and department costs

Editorial teams can easily track the jobs they subcontract out to other departments and keep tabs on their costs.

Designed for Adobe Creative Cloud

GoPublish is a dream come true for Adobe Creative Cloud users.

No more emailing files around or fixing broken links. GoPublish is a production workflow that's natural and fluid, with one central place for everyone to collect and manage their content.

Using GoPublish, Adobe InDesign creatives, working remotely or office-based, are able to work together on the same document. Whatever their location.

Need to know more about Adobe Indesign? Read our guide to Adobe InDesign.
Designed for Adobe Creative Cloud

Lock out creative content

GoPublish is not another Dropbox or Google Drive. It's got something special for publishers. File locking.

If you need to know who is in the document, and what part they are working on, now you can.

Creatives are assigned content within the document to work on. GoPublish automatically locks the content out to them, so no-one else can access it whilst they're doing their magic.

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One shared document, versions controlled

It drives you nuts if there’s more than one version of the same document in circulation.

It wastes a ton of time to fix it back together. So we stopped it from happening with no 'Save As' required.

In GoPublish, there's only on shared document being worked on. Creatives submit a status for their content when they drop it in, so everyone knows where it's at.

With version history and restorations managed in the cloud, there's never any doubt which version is the right one.

Perfect for corporate reports, legal documents, catalogues and so much more

Copywriters have their own private basket where they write their stories. It’s local to their machine, so they can save, go offline and come back later.

Depending on the workflow, a story is either assigned to them from the designer’s document or they start their own fresh one using an InCopy template.

When they’re done writing, it’s just a couple of clicks to submit the story to the designer’s basket and get it instantly placed on the InDesign document.

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Discover how GoPublish can streamline your print production workflow

The key benefits of GoPublish

Control of the approval process
Seamless integration with Adobe CC
Clear document version history
Sales and production team synergy
Central location for hybrid teams

A smarter production workflow
Cloud-based file system
Improved creative collaboration
Increased advertisement sales
More efficient content creation

Visual magazine flat planning and page management

Create the page layout, add the artwork and get a real feel for the consumer experience.

GoPublish has an optional module for publishers of magazines and regular issues that brings a visual experience to laying out content.

Its centralised interactive flat plan lays out all the pages so you can assign them for creative, reorder them, keep your sales team in the loop on what space is available to sell and more.

It’s a super-easy production journey for magazine specialists.

Are you ready to get started with GoPublish?

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