Production workflow software for content and contract publishers

Drive design team collaboration on magazine and print publication layouts from anywhere.

Producing print content is a dream with GoPublish.
Designed for Adobe Creative Cloud

Design in the cloud, together, from anywhere

Complete version control

One shared document, versions controlled. In GoPublish, there's only on shared document being worked on. Creatives submit a status for their content so everyone knows where it's at.

With version history and restorations managed in the cloud, there's never any doubt which version is the right one.

Work local, it's faster

With GoPublish everyone still works on their local machine and not directly in the cloud. Creatives draw down content from the cloud and work on it locally at optimum performance and reliability.

When they're done, they push it back up into the cloud to synchronise with the master document.

Streamlined approval on content and design

Send documents out for approval to stakeholders, clients or team member and get and markups and comments back directly into InDesign to be actioned.

Getting coordinated feedback with clear next actions is easy with GoPublish.

Lock out content to creatives

GoPublish is not another Dropbox of Google Drive. It's got something special for publishers. File locking.

You want to know who's in the document, right? And what part they're working on? Now you can.

Creatives are assigned content within the document to work on. GoPublish automatically locks the content out to them, so no-one else can access it whilst they're doing their magic.

Awesome PDF output functions for print

PDFs can be collected by anyone approved from the flat plan or just exported as normal from the design document.

And this next bit is super-cool. Using your Adobe InDesign Job Options, GoPublish can be scheduled to output PDFs that align with the status of the document.

So for example, if the document status changes to Ready for Print, the next time a PDF is collected from the plan it will be a hi-res print ready one with all the crops, bleeds and trimmings.

The productivity goes further if you have third party add-on software connected for preflight. If a PDF fails a flight check, GoPublish automatically removes the PDF so it can’t be output to the printer. No messed up fonts or oversets.

It’s a huge failsafe that happens without you even worrying about it.

Are you ready to get started with GoPublish?

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