A smarter editorial and copy editing workflow

Sync GoPublish with Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign for a smarter editorial and copy editing workflow.

Unite your editorial and productions teams with GoPublish.
Designed for Adobe Creative Cloud

Track changes across InDesign documents

See changes clearly highlighted

Easily glance to see where edits have been made on the document using coloured underlines and highlights.

Know who made the changes

GoPublish tells you exactly which creative user made the text edits, so you can keep track of teamwork.

Apply or delete changes

Not happy with a change? Delete it and go back to the previous one using the simple interface buttons.

Search fast on users to see their activity

Quickly filter down on a specific user to analyse their changes without having to go through the whole document.

Report on changes using date ranges

What changed last week? GoPublish’s date range tool makes it easy to narrow searches to a custom timeframe.

The entire document or pick text frames

Have the flexibility to turn text editing on for the whole document or just selected text frames.

Export PDF reports with comments

Fire off a PDF to Acrobat which lists all the changes made as comments and share it with colleagues.

A user-friendly dashboard helps editors manage their content with ease.

GoPublish’s powerful online dashboard for copy editors is a gem of a tool. It manages all content being worked on by the editor across multiple clients and projects, neatly setting them out in tile and list views with filters, search, deadline and status updates built into it.

This quick and convenient access to documents and the new level of efficiency it brings into the copy editing workflow means copy editors can stop sifting through their emails just to find the right link.

Track changes in microscopic detail

If changes slip under the radar it could be catastrophic for your client.

Swapping out text, fixing typos and editing passages of copy on InDesign documents happens all the time and needs to be accurately tracked.

GoPublish drops unbelievable power into your document panel, giving you enhanced visualisation of all changes made throughout the creative process.

It changes the game for blacklining and proofreading, making it easy to analyse and make decisions on content.

Experience the magic of web browser authoring

In GoPublish, all you need is a web browser to edit content on a report document.

Designers use a step-by-step wizard in their Adobe InDesign extension panel. They select the content frames they need editing, pick their editors, add deadlines and reminders and send out their invitations.

Each editor receives an email with a direct link for them to securely view the rendered report in their web browser. It’s that simple.

The split-screen view shows how their text edits will look on the document as they make them, offering a visual preview to help them see the full impact of their changes and whether they work or not.

When they are done, they submit it back. The designer gets an alert, clicks APPLY CHANGES and watches the report document auto-populate with all the copy edits.

GoPublish's InCopy workflow is the new gold standard.

Designers send content through their extension panel into baskets of one or more copy editors, with a workflow status tagged to it.

Editors use their InCopy panel to check them out and work on them on their local machine. No email threads or file transfers required. Simple.
When they’re done, they update the workflow status, submit their copy back through the panel and let the designer get pinged to come flow the copy into their report document in one fast click.

No copy and paste, no retyping. And all tracked changes are highlighted and synced into GoPublish for maximum traceability.

This is seamless, real-time collaboration that connects designers and copy editors in total harmony without emailing or transferring attachments, saving a ton of time.

Are you ready to get started with GoPublish?

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