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Discover first hand how GoPublish harmonises your production, saves hours in planning and reduces costly errors in during production by arranging a free trail today.
Designed for Adobe Creative Cloud

Effortlessly manage page layouts

Planning the layout and trying to figure out which content goes where is no longer a chore.

Start dragging and dropping features, advertorials, adverts and inserts exactly where you want them on a visual flat plan.

The technical spreadsheet lists and old school coffee-stained paper printouts have been left well behind. So has a single Adobe InDesign document which is manually updated with artwork.

In its place is a centralised, interactive flat plan. One that brings designers, stakeholders and clients together.

See the page structure. View the artwork. Get a true sense of how the reader will feel when turning the pages.

Stay up to date with all available and reserved space

GoPublish makes life easy for sales people. And let’s face it, that makes everyone’s life easier!

By keeping the flat plan in one central place, members of the advertising sales team can drop into the issue at any time and see what’s going on.

They can easily see what’s been sold or held, spot which pages are still available and make price decisions on filling them based on their publishing deadlines.

Check artwork into the plan directly from Adobe InDesign

There’s no need to export PDFs, combine them together and share them around on email or file service.

Designers work on their own Adobe InDesign documents in the normal way. When ready, they check them into the plan through the plugin which displays their artwork on the visual for everyone to see.

At the same time, it backs a copy up to the server and auto-creates a PDF for the ad sales team or anyone else to grab from the plan.
Everything is nicely organised, making it easy to find and open documents from different plans.

Assign issue pages to documents in your pallet. Set start and end dates for submission. Stay updated with real-time updates such as ‘With Editorial’ or ‘Out for Review’ against page artwork.

It’s so efficient, you can forget about the admin and just focus on creating amazing reader experiences.

Are you ready to get started with GoPublish?

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