Seamless  production of annual and corporate reports

Track changes. Managing versions. Edit copy and tables. Proof, review and collaborate. GoPublish, combines the power of Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy to ensure the production of annual and corporate reports is a seamless and collaborative experience.
Designed for Adobe Creative Cloud

Simplify your corporate and annual report production

Remote collaboration for creatives

Multiple designers and copy editors on the same reports. Assign whole reports, pages or text frames to individuals or groups. Have multiple documents per report. Send new layout updates to editors instantly without them having to quit what they’re doing. Web dashboard for fast access to reports for copy editors.

Advanced tracking of changes 

Every minute change on the document is highlighted with what / who / when information. View date range change reports. Search on changes. Apply changes or step back.

Adobe InCopy or remote web authoring on text edits

Adobe InCopy for seamless, gold standard copy delivery with real-time cloud connection. No file transfers required. Assign content to baskets of copy editors to engage more resources. Or use web browser remote authoring with no Adobe licences needed.

Check in, check out, work remotely together

See which reports are available to work on. See who is currently working on them. Get workflow status updates. Lock them out to yourself when it’s your turn. Work locally on your machine and submit content back using the cloud.

On-demand PDF generation with tracked changes

Create PDF exports of the report at any time. See all the tracked changes presented as notes. Use PDFs as milestone points. Share with clients. Latest checked in document version is generated as standard.

Edited copy flows straight into Adobe InDesign

Capture new copy through the InCopy extension panel or through web browser authoring. Super fast one click to import it into the report document. Content places itself automatically in the right place on the report. All changes are simultaneously logged centrally.

Latest and historic version control

Track and save every version of documents or just the recent few. Cross-versioning is restricted. Restore old versions of layouts and copy. All creatives can see the copy history. Save sticky versions at important milestones.

Unite the entire internal and external team with a seamless copy editing workflow

Allow your copy editors, designers, clients and stakeholders to all collaborate on large complex corporate documents in real-time.

No copy and paste. No re-typing of content. And tracked changes are highlighted and synced into the document.

With GoPublish, every collaborator works together on the same document, every time.

Everything fuses together in one seamless journey, right from new document creation to final packaging for print and web, no matter where you are working from.

Everyone collaborates with one common goal: to produce the highest quality corporate reports on time and on budget.

It’s a stunning ecosystem of fresh productivity where teams thrive.

Creative collaboration

Send reports for review and get changes back without leaving InDesign.

GoPublish provides the mechanism to send content directly from InDesign for browser-based staged reviews, engaging collaborators and stakeholders to come and add comments, give feedback, @mention colleagues in threads, request changes, share files and more.

All the changes requested by collaborators are flowed right back into the designer’s InDesign panel, so they can easily step through each change and auto-place any text edits ready for the next version.

The GoPublish web dashboard manages all the reviews that collaborators are part of and keeps them switched on to any deadlines that are approaching.

Are you ready to get started with GoPublish?

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