Streamline your print media production with GoPublish

Streamline your print media production with GoPublish

Transform your approach to print media management, making the process more efficient while enhancing collaboration across magazine production.

How does GoPublish work?

Integrating seamlessly within Adobe InDesign, GoPublish operates as a comprehensive platform designed to streamline the creation of print publications. It all begins with a visual flat plan that allows your entire team to collaborate seamlessly on the layout of your publications. This is where GoPublish truly shines, as it offers a user-friendly interface that lets you drag and drop features, advertorials, advertisements, and inserts exactly where you want them on the page. This feature alone can significantly reduce the time and effort required to plan the layout of your publication. Additionally, it eliminates the risk of manual documents or spreadsheets getting lost or misinterpreted during the review process.

Creative collaboration and clear communication

Effective collaboration is at the core of GoPublish. The platform enables users to receive instant feedback from team members right within the system. This means that everyone involved in the publication process, from editors and designers to marketers and studio managers, can ensure they are on the same page at every stage of production. All changes are tracked in real-time, ensuring everyone is always up-to-date with the latest developments.

Creative collaboration for print production

The key benefits of GoPublish

  1. Centralised flat plan: Work from a centralised flat plan, ensuring everyone has access to the same layout and design.
  2. Reserve space: Reserve space on the plan to prevent overlap or conflicts during the design process.
  3. Drag and reposition content: Easily move and reposition content, making layout adjustments a breeze.
  4. Seamless Adobe InDesign integration: Seamlessly check in and out via Adobe InDesign, ensuring design files are always in sync.
  5. Clear artwork status management: Keep track of artwork status to monitor progress and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
  6. Production cost tracking: Monitor production costs to maintain control over the budget.

Automated workflows

GoPublish offers a range of automated workflows, simplifying tasks such as content approval. This means you can quickly get content approved by multiple reviewers without the need for manual, item-by-item checks. It streamlines processes like copy checking and proofreading, enabling your team to prepare content for publishing faster than ever before.

Say hello to perfectly streamlined print production, arrange a free trial of GoPublish.


GoPublish is a game-changer in how teams manage their print media workflows. Designers, creatives, marketing teams, and studio managers can collaborate seamlessly on layouts and design workflows from start to finish. With its intuitive drag-and-drop feature, instant feedback system, and efficient automated workflows, GoPublish streamlines the review process while ensuring the highest level of accuracy in every publication. Say goodbye to traditional, cumbersome print media management, and say hello to perfectly streamlined print production with GoPublish. To experience this revolution in print media workflow, arrange a free trial of GoPublish today. Your team's efficiency and creativity will thank you.

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