Cloud-based collaboration software

Cloud-based collaboration software for print production teams

‍GoPublish streamlines the flat planning and magazine production workflows for production teams using Adobe InDesign.

The next generation in managing print publications is here. GoPublish. A powerful platform designed to make it easy for publishing teams to create, collaborate, and distribute content efficiently. Whether you're looking to publish print magazines, or periodicals, GoPublish has the tools needed to create with confidence.

An array of key features, specifically tailored toward print production, ensures that GoPublish takes control of the publishing process. Production teams can create centralised flat plan layouts quickly, which everyone has access to regardless of their location. They can then use these plans to organise both editorials and paid-for advertising space. Even reserving categories and sections for specific advertisers.

Editing content couldn't be easier – users can drag and reposition pages in real time without the need to print off pages or share hard-copy drafts.

The perfect solution for streamlining the publishing process

But that’s not all…

GoPublish users can assign multiple designers to work on various sections of a publication and allow them to submit their creative content directly from Adobe InDesign, using the GoPublish extension. At a glance, it’s possible to see which advert spaces are awaiting artwork delivery or if content needs to be signed off by the clients and stakeholders.

Jobs that have been subcontracted out to other departments or teams, can be tracked easily to ensure that all costs stay within budget.

Say hello to perfectly streamlined print production, arrange a free trial of GoPublish.

The future of production flat planning

When it comes to flat planning your publication, you can ditch those technical spreadsheet lists and coffee-stained paper printouts - GoPublish revolutionises the way publications are laid out. It provides a single, centralised, and interactive flat plan, that brings designers, stakeholders, and clients together in one unified space; where everyone can view the editorial and artwork and get a real sense of how readers will feel turning the pages of the finished product.

GoPublish really is the future of print production.

A wealth of features and benefits

  • Drag and drop pages around the flat plan
  • Create layout templates, content types, and custom feature sizes
  • Designed for Adobe InDesign
  • Coordinated feedback on live documents
  • Lock pages that are being worked on
  • Proof and review content
  • Version control
  • Harmonise your team
  • Saves hours in planning
  • Reduces production costs
  • Production tracking
  • Collaboration between editorial and production teams
Simple, clear production collaboration

Simple, clear production collaboration

Don’t just take our word for it, GoPublish has been used by magazine publishers and content creators such as John Brown Media, Centaur Media, The Guardian, and Haymarket to smarten their production process since 2010.

GoPublish is the perfect solution for Publishing teams looking to streamline print production.

Say hello to perfectly streamlined print production, arrange a free trial of GoPublish.

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