Streamline your print production workflow

Streamline your print production workflow with a versatile software solution

GoPublish is transforming the way print publishers create, manage, and distribute content.

The evolution of print production in the digital age

In the digital era, the publishing industry has undergone a significant transformation. Traditional print publications have embraced digital platforms, leading to the convergence of print and digital publishing. This shift has revealed a need for innovative tools and technologies that can streamline print production and speed up content creation.

Print production software has emerged as a vital solution to optimise workflows, enhance collaboration, and streamline the publication process. Among the leading print production solutions, GoPublish stands out because it empowers publishers to unlock new levels of productivity and efficiency whatever their individual requirements.

Editorial and copy editing

Copy editing is essential to any print publication's journey. It ensures accuracy, clarity, and consistency in the written content. GoPublish provides a robust editorial and copy-editing solution that simplifies this entire process.

By syncing seamlessly with Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy, editors are able to efficiently review, annotate, and suggest changes to the content. These collaborative features enable seamless communication between authors, editors, and proofreaders, resulting in a streamlined workflow and faster turnaround times.

Magazine and publication layout

Design plays a crucial role in captivating readers and enhancing the overall appeal of print publications. GoPublish offers a comprehensive magazine and publication layout solution that empowers designers and publishers to create visually stunning and engaging print material.

From magazine layouts to brochures and catalogs, the platform provides a range of templates, styles, and typography options. With its drag-and-drop functionality, arranging content, images, and graphics becomes a breeze. GoPublish's real-time collaboration feature allows designers, photographers, and writers to work together seamlessly, resulting in polished and professional layouts.

Magazine and publication layout

Content, custom and contract publishing

In today's content-driven world, delivering captivating and relevant material is paramount. GoPublish's content publishing solution simplifies the process. Whether you are publishing journals, magazines or educational materials, GoPublish provides a centralised platform to manage and publish content.

Annual and corporate reports

Producing annual reports is a critical task for corporate organisations. It requires accuracy, attention to detail, and compliance with regulations. GoPublish understands these challenges and offers a specialised solution for creating these reports.

GoPublish's collaborative features enable teams to work together on different sections of the report document, ensuring accuracy and timely delivery.

Say hello to perfectly streamlined print production, arrange a free trial of GoPublish.

Adobe Creative Cloud integration

Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy are the go-to software solutions for print publishers and copy editors. GoPublish integrates with these solutions and provides seamless collaboration for teams and users required to produce quality print publications.

And GoPublish is only a click away for your creative teams, sitting within the side panels of Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy.

GoPublish provides users access to every publication, issue, document, article or advert. The potential for duplication is all but removed because any document downloaded, is locked out to the individual creative until they release it back to the planning app.

Designed for Adobe Creative Cloud

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Working with a range of publishing teams

Brands such as Waitrose, with in-house magazine production, journal and magazine publishers such as Euromoney and The Spectator, and content publishers such as John Brown Media and Seven, all take advantage of the power of GoPublish.

In an ever-evolving publishing landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires embracing innovative solutions. GoPublish offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features designed to optimise workflows, enhance collaboration, and streamline the publication process. Publishers can unlock new levels of efficiency, reduce production costs, and deliver high-quality print publications to their audiences.

GoPublish clients
GoPublish clients
GoPublish clients

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does GoPublish improve collaboration?

GoPublish provides a collaborative environment where team members can work together, eliminating communication barriers and reducing project turnaround time.

How does GoPublish streamline proofing and approval processes?

Team members can annotate and mark up content directly within the platform, expediting the review process. This streamlined workflow reduces errors, accelerates production timelines, and enhances overall efficiency.

How does GoPublish contribute to cost savings and ROI?

By streamlining print production processes, automating workflows, and enhancing collaboration, GoPublish significantly reduces production time and costs. Publishers can allocate resources more efficiently, focus on content creation, and improve time-to-market.

Say hello to perfectly streamlined print production, arrange a free trial of GoPublish.

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