Revolutionise the way you publish print media

Revolutionise the way you plan, review and publish print media

GoPublish is the perfect solution for designers, creatives, and marketing teams looking to streamline their print media workflow.

Are you looking to simplify and streamline your print media workflow? GoPublish is the perfect solution for designers, creatives, and marketing teams who are looking for an easier way to review, plan, and publish their print media. Let’s take a look at how GoPublish can help you transform the way you manage your print media workflow.

How does GoPublish work?

GoPublish allows you to create a visual flat plan that makes it easy for your entire team to collaborate on the layout of publications. You can start by dragging and dropping features, advertorials, adverts, and inserts exactly where you want them on the page. This is an effective way to save time when planning the layout of the publication. Plus, you don’t have to worry about manually-created documents or spreadsheets getting lost in translation during the review process.

GoPublish also allows users to get instant feedback from other members of their team right within the platform. This ensures that everyone involved in creating the publication—from editors and designers to marketers and studio managers—can make sure they are all on the same page throughout every stage of production. All changes are tracked as they happen so that everyone is always up-to-date with what is happening in real time.

Say hello to perfectly streamlined print production, arrange a free trial of GoPublish.

Streamline the way your team produces print media

“For the past twelve years we've been using GoPublish for reviewing, repro and production management. Not only is the software exceptional value for money - providing savings with resources and a streamlined workflow - the support we receive is always first rate. ”

Key benefits

  • Work from a centralised flat plan
  • Reserve space on the plan
  • Easily drag and reposition content
  • Check in and out via Adobe InDesign
  • Manage artwork status
  • Track production costs

Finally, GoPublish offers a number of automated workflows that allow users to quickly approve content from multiple reviewers without having to manually check each item individually. This streamlines processes like copy checking or proofreading so that your team can make sure everything is ready for publishing faster than ever before.

GoPublish is revolutionising how teams manage their print media workflow by making it easier than ever before for designers, creatives, marketing teams and studio managers alike to collaborate on layouts and design workflows from start to finish. With its drag-and-drop feature, instant feedback system, and automated workflows, GoPublish can streamline your review process while ensuring accuracy in every issue you produce - transforming how you approach print media once and for all!

Say hello to perfectly streamlined print production, arrange a free trial of GoPublish.

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