The real-world benefits of GoPublish for print production

The real-world benefits of using GoPublish for your print production

A round-up of recent GoPublish customer case studies that highlight the real-world benefit it brings to their print production workflow.

We can talk all day about the great features and benefits offered up by GoPublish. We developed GoPublish more than a decade ago and it has evolved over time to suit the growing needs of the print production market, to the product it is today. But our customer's testimonials say so much more about GoPublish than we ever could. In particular, the real-world benefits they've experienced.

GoPublish is used by a cross section of print and magazine publishers, from retail brands such as Waitrose, and marketing agencies and contract publishers such as John Brown Media, GlobalData and Sunday. And not forgetting tradition magazine publishers such as Texas, Parks & Wildlife Magazine and The Gentleman's Journal.

GlobalData print portfolio

Faster, more agile, and more efficient

GlobalData is an award-winning b2b content marketing agency with a range of clients across multiple sectors.They produce and distribute content through a variety of channels, predominantly using Adobe InDesign and GoPublish for their print proofing workflow.

Benefits gained from implementing GoPublish

• A streamlined workflow for proofing content
• The ability to track changes efficiently
• An adaptable workflow to matches commercial needs

“GoPublish has changed our entire workflow for the better. We are now faster, more agile, and more efficient in our content production. This not only benefits our business, but it also benefits our clients as well.”

Rob Manning, Director of Operations & Delivery

Download the complete customer case study here:

Sunday print portfolio

A great workflow and amends tracker

Sunday is a multi-award-winning content marketing agency. They build creative sales solutions for advertisers, ad agencies, sponsors, and exhibitors across a diverse range of platforms. Sunday use GoPublish to produce print brand titles, such as Ocado Life and Corporate Financier.

Benefits gained from implementing GoPublish

• A clear document version history
• Effective time management for projects
• Seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud

“GoPublish saves us and our clients time. It's a great workflow and amends tracker, and eases collaboration with clients.”

Richard Robinson, Content Director

Download the complete customer case study here:

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Exceptional value for money

John Brown is one of the world's largest content marketing agencies. While originally formed as a magazine company, the company creates multichannel content for various brands, with including social media, magazine publication, audio and film.

“We've been using GoPublish for reviewing, repro and production management for over a decade. Not only is the software exceptional value for money - providing savings with resources and a streamlined workflow - the support we receive is always first rate.”

Barry Davidson, John Brown Media

Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine

World-class multi-team collaboration

Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine has been helping Texans connect to the outdoors for more than 80 years and serves as a guide to state parks, fishing, hunting, and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Benefits gained from implementing GoPublish

• Dramatic improvement in collaboration
• Increased advertisement sales
• An ease for for hybrid working

“GoPublish provides world-class multi-team collaboration to magazine production — and brings magazine workflows into the 21st century. About time!”

Nathan Adams, Publications Manager

Download the complete customer case study here:

Say hello to perfectly streamlined print production, arrange a free trial of GoPublish.

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