Flat Planning Process

Editorial and production teams can track extra job or rework assignments from inside the flat plan

The first time editorial get some artwork checked into the flat plan by the design team, everything might look rosy, red and on schedule.

We’re all done! Let’s roll this out.

Unfortunately, it some cases it can turn out to be far from ready and it takes a preflight test or an eagle eye to spot issues.

It’s a bit awkward to throw creative jobs at the production team but hey, that’s the game, right?

GoPublish has a neat module within it to make this process a cinch. It was originally requested by John Brown Media in London to help with their workflow – and it sure has.


Inside the GoPublish flat plan app you’ll find the Production button.

This opens up a condensed list of pages with item descriptions – or more pertinently, the jobs – which have been allocated to the production as extra work or rework.

Examples of the kind of jobs in the list are a retouch on an advert, an asset reposition, a colour management correction or a text box overset due to a frame resize.

Add them to the job list through GoPublish and the production or appropriate design team can pick them up in their own cost centre and get to work on them.

Useful statuses can be added to mark what’s happening with each job through the extra work. These are totally customisable.

These status labels give an awesome hawk-eye view for the team, as they can see exactly where everything’s at and feel much more relaxed and confident about the journey to publication.

Here are a few in use in the publishing world already:

  • Laser Proof
  • Colour Management
  • Chasing Files
  • Image Retouching

Page jobs are checked out to members of the production team in a similar way to the original design process, meaning editorial or any other team cannot work on them in Adobe® InDesign® whilst the job is in progress.


New versions are uploaded by the creative to the production list when ready which are visible to everyone, so the changes can be logged and marked as chargeable across the cost centre where needed.

It’s a simple, effective collaboration platform to ensure finessing, corrections, enhancements and preflight testing is all 100% in the bag before final publication.