Always see what pages are available to sell, move around and proof with clients

Stay up to date with all available and reserved space

GoPublish makes life easy for sales people. And let’s face it, that makes everyone’s life easier!

By keeping the flat plan in one central place, members of the advertising sales team can drop into the issue at any time and see what’s going on.

They can easily see what’s been sold or held, spot which pages are still available and make price decisions on filling them based on their publishing deadlines.

All without coming in to office to scribble in a folder.

Track page targets and sales orders

At the start of any new issue, page targets are set to achieve maximum revenue and diversity of content.

GoPublish helps sales teams plan and execute this with total confidence.

It keeps tabs on pages reserved for advertorials, adverts, inserts and other types of sellable content within the plan interface, with unique reference and sales order numbers.

And once targets are set – say 48 pages of a 96-page magazine – you can see what’s actually been sold against what’s been allocated.

So for example, you may have an Actual of 38 against a target of 48 with 2 days remaining until publication. Go get those last 10 pages sold!

Increase or reduce pages based on demand

It’s so easy to reconfigure issue layouts to meet client or management demands.

Sales staff can ask administrators to add more pages into the plan when they exceed advert targets, which they can do in just a couple of clicks.

Conversely, if expectations are overly-ambitious, pages can easily be deleted from the plan and any content types changed or moved around to retain the positive flow of the issue.

It’s quick and flexible, improving sales, editorial and production team collaboration.

Grab shareable PDFs straight from the plan

‘Can we see it before it goes to print?’

Sales teams get asked all the time, so it needs to be an easy task for them to carry out.

GoPublish takes all the legwork out of it, as the ad team can rip a PDF straight from the plan and share it with their clients whenever they want.

They get peace of mind knowing it’s totally up to date with the latest page layout and creative artwork, so there are no nasty surprises when the issue is published.

Relax guys, you’re in control.

Real-time visibility of the plan

Know what’s left to sell

Submit requests to add more pages

Track sales orders and content types

See ACTUAL vs TARGET for page sales

Export shareable PDFs straight from the plan

Keep the client informed

Stay in control with no surprises