Editorial can manage extra jobs required by production from inside projects

Clear collaboration between editorial and production

Open collaboration across departments helps everyone achieve their goals. Especially so when editorial need to farm page work out to production.

Certain pages require a job for production to be assigned, such as an Adobe Photoshop® cut-out, a retouch or a laser proof.

GoPublish allows editorial and production teams to transfer and lock ownership of these jobs to each other whilst retaining the link to the original document.

Visibility of job progress in one simple interface list.

It solves all the ‘what’s happening with that task’ issues, breathing confidence across the whole operation in delivering high quality publications on time.

Track production status changes

When jobs or tasks are requested for pages on a document, the sheet is checked out to production – essentially switching ownership to them.

The team categorises the task with a broad production status such as ‘Corrections’ or ‘Back from Repro’ and then gives it a workflow production status from their customised list, such as ‘Retouching Images’ or ‘Managing Colours’.

The production team updates the status as page work progresses, so editorial can clearly see where it’s at and when it’s due to be completed.

So much better than sending chase emails all the time.

View the history and creative journey of pages

When jobs or tasks are carried out, a history is built up of the journey from allocation to completion.

GoPublish users can view the trail in a pop-up window list with thumbnail artwork alongside, making it a cinch to see the changes made by each production work centre.

Version numbers are retained and a PDF can be exported with a single click for closer inspection.


Charge tasks to cost centres

No-one works for free!

Many jobs that seem simple require extra work that carries an incremental cost to the production department.

Tasks can be marked as chargeable by production, so accounts can analyse the project and allocate project charges across the cost centres to match the effort.

Credit where credit’s due.

Check jobs out to the production team

Lock down documents to departments

Track work through production stages

Simple interface for accessing progress data

See overall job and work centre status

Look over document version history

Export PDFs from each version

Manage cost centre charging