Flat Planning Process

How to streamline the design process for printed publications

A battered folder disappears into the depths of the office.

Then, when you actually find it, it’s full of crumpled bits of paper with spillage stains all over them.

Enough of the manual paper plans already. Get past it.

Yes, flat planning for printed publications is an age-old process that requires careful management and ownership. From everybody

Which is why it needs to be in a central place where everyone can get to it, whenever they need to, rather than in a single physical folder – or wall chart even.

It’s time to stop asking ‘Where’s the plan?’ and consider streamlining your operations to bring the flexibility that yields awesome design and editorial content without draining the energy out of the design, editorial and production teams.

Read this and you’ll totally get where we’re coming from.

Having one visual flat plan sat in collaborative software that everyone can access takes a ton of pain away.

It’s the most important place to start to transform your workflow and make immediate gains in efficiency.

Everyone has the latest plan at their fingertips without running circuits around the office to find it. Or even having to go into the office in the first place.

Here, design teams can see their own creative work in its true environment alongside other artwork submitted by their colleagues. Bonus.

And the amalgamated visual plan gives a real sense of the experience the reader will get as they thumb their way through the publication, prompting key tweaks and modifications to spruce up the issue.

It’s a breath of fresh air. A calmer, more open way of delivering content to evermore expectant audiences

A lifestyle change.

Contact us to get a feel for it.