How do I compare review comments?

This support article is intended to guide you through comparing review comments between different review versions.

GoReview gives you the ability to compare different versions of a document so that you can keep track of the changes requested.

Open the review from the home screen by selecting the document and then clicking on the spyglass.

After the review has opened click on the Compare button to switch you to the review comparison editor.

The editor opens up to reveal the latest review on the left hand side and the previous review on the right hand side.

The last review will show all the comments that were made against it. Selecting these comments will open them up for you to read.

Using the comment tools apply comments to the review based on what you see from the last review. You can view more information on the comment tools here.

When you have finished placing the comments click the back button and you will see the comments added to the main review.

There is also the ability to see past revisions in the main editor. This gives you the benefit of seeing the revision full screen. Click on the drop list in the middle of the toolbar and select the revision you wish to look at. The editor will now display the previous revision with all its comments for you to view.

Switch back to the latest revision to add comments.