Create the layout, add the artwork and feel the true reader experience

Create a visual flat plan that everyone can see

GoPublish flat planning software brings a visual experience to laying out publications.

The technical spreadsheet lists and old school coffee-stained paper printouts have been left well behind. So has a single Adobe InDesign® document which is manually updated with artwork.

In its place is a centralised, interactive flat plan. One that brings designers, stakeholders and clients together.

See the page structure. View the artwork. Get a true sense of how the reader will feel when turning the pages.

This is GoPublish. This is the future.

Insert new pages, drag them around, out and back in

You’re going to save hours with GoPublish on page optimisations.

It’s easy to say ‘Let’s see the advertorial on pages 6 and 7 instead.’ Just get hold of the pages and drag them across the plan to reposition them. Done. Instantly.

And if the plan is full, use the drop zone above the plan to take them out, reposition the others and then drop them back into their new home.

It couldn’t be easier. It even refolios the page numbers back to your InDesign documents.

Create layout templates, content types and custom feature sizes

Advertorial, editorial, adverts, full-page, half-page – content within publications varies every issue, so your flat plan needs to be flexible.

The file structure holds your work by client and publication with a template library for saved layouts, ready to quickly produce future issues.

All content types can be drawn, categorised and colour-coded with the name of your advertiser clearly marked on the flat plan, so it’s easy to see what space is available, who has booked it and where bound inserts are being given away.

Refresh, glance and get the picture. Right there.

Feel your publication right from the start

Getting immersed with your issue as early as possible helps create one to remember.

GoPublish has different flat plan views to switch between including page flip and page thumbnail.

Your team can use them to get a reader experience electronically or on paper print-out as soon as page copy and artwork is added.

It’s so much easier to make key decisions to optimise the reader journey.

Client and issue management

Visual flat plan layout

Centralised plan for collaboration

Multiple layout and page views

Jigsaw-style impositioning of content

Track issue page targets for content types

Colour codes for each content type

Save all plans as templates