GoPublish is now part of the Oppolis Cloud

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the Oppolis Cloud ecosystem and GoPublish’s central position within it. The Oppolis Cloud is one big happy family of products that transforms the way marketing and publishing teams produce their content. Adobe® Creative Cloud® integration runs through it like a river, channeling shortcuts and productivity gains for users of InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator, Premiere

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Editorial and production teams can track extra job or rework assignments from inside the flat plan

The first time editorial get some artwork checked into the flat plan by the design team, everything might look rosy, red and on schedule. We’re all done! Let’s roll this out. Unfortunately, it some cases it can turn out to be far from ready and it takes a preflight test or an eagle eye to spot issues. It’s a bit

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Discover how creative team members check their artwork from Adobe InDesign® into a shared visual flat plan

Check this out – Or more importantly, check this back in! Pulling together and laying out all the page artwork for publications so everyone can see it can be a total drag Not with GoPublish. It’s a beautiful example of collaborative harmony. The sharing process blossoms from some neat integration with Adobe InDesign®, allowing creative designers and editorial maestros to

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Cutting through the sales drama when planning publication layouts

‘Can I sell this space or not?’ What a question. It’s dangerous. Especially when advertising sales team personalities are involved. Avoiding any conflict in the sale of page content is massive for any ad team to be happy and successful. More precisely, it requires the flat plan layout of the publication to be open and accessible and with the content

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How to streamline the design process for printed publications

A battered folder disappears into the depths of the office. Then, when you actually find it, it’s full of crumpled bits of paper with spillage stains all over them. Enough of the manual paper plans already. Get past it. Yes, flat planning for printed publications is an age-old process that requires careful management and ownership. From everybody Which is why

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