Comment, request changes and sign off flat plan designs together in one place

Centralised creative collaboration through GoProof

Getting coordinated feedback with clear next actions is easy with GoPublish.

Thanks to its full integration with GoProof online proofing software, creatives can share designs for review and manage the whole process through the GoProof ecosystem.

GoProof shares the creative documents with collaborators on its secure website portal, which you can customise into your own brand.

It sends email and mobile app push notifications to whoever you want to view, make comments and take action on the proof, which can be requesting a new version or signing it off.

GoProof is a market leader, and GoPublish is its sister.

Now that’s convenient.

Unlimited collaborators with different proofing roles

You may only want one or two of your collaborators to make decisions on a proof but many more to give an opinion on it.

GoProof has a choice of three roles to assign to collaborators: Observer, Reviewer and Gatekeeper. Observers just look at proofs, whilst Reviewers can view and make comments on them.

Gatekeepers are the decision makers who can request a new version to be created or sign off the proof when they are happy.

It’s totally flexible and you can invite as many collaborators as you want. They don’t even need an Adobe InDesign® CC licence to view work.

Send proofs directly from Adobe InDesign® CC

GoPublish has a neat integration for Adobe InDesign CC users.

Sharing designs for review from inside your .indd document is as easy as Right Click > Send to GoProof. A wizard opens up, allowing you to customise the review and choose who to send it to.

GoProof does the rest in effortless style, converting your InDesign document – including all the pages or just a range if you want – into PNGs and sharing them with your collaborators on secure website.

They don’t need an Adobe CC licence or a GoProof account to view the proof, unless you want to add password protection, that is. And it’s a cinch to use when they get there.

The real win? You get all the changes landing back into your InDesign document ready for you to step through.

Yep, you heard it right.

Pick from 11 proofing tools and add attachments

Collaborators are free to fully express their thoughts and ideas on the proof.

There are 11 proofing tools to choose from including Pin, Draw, Strike, Highlight and Box. The Question tool uses @Mentioning technology to tag in other collaborators, so you can trigger a conversation with them right there.

Comment threads play out and are tracked next to the proof, as is the version history. And if they have a new image or linked document to discuss, they can attach it to their comment to keep all collaboration in one tidy place.

Copy Editor for text changes on InDesign CC proofs

There’s a killer feature in GoProof for copywriters and editors when you send InDesign CC proofs.

Called the Copy Editor, it allows designers to select text boxes on the InDesign document and make the editable for collaborators when they view the proof.

No more separate emails and Word documents with a ton of changes – just let them tap it into the proof and you’ll get them straight back into your document.

Get visibility of hours worked with Insights

Creative design for publications is not a fast job. Even the slightest of changes can take hours to get right.

Say hello to Insights in GoProof, a reporting engine that tracks all the design time spent on InDesign CC rework and compiles it all into a configurable dashboard.

Dive into a library of stats and view them by client and issue, giving you the chance to compare time spent vs how much you’ve billed them for. Drill down on each of your designers to see which ones are getting good deals and raw deals.

Insights shines a spotlight on your design rework activity, arming you with precious decision-making information to take back to your clients.

Seamless integration with GoProof

Send proofs from inside Adobe InDesign CC

Unlimited collaborators with specific roles

No InDesign or GoProof licences required for collaborators

A ton of different proofing tools to use

Comment threads and full version history

Copy Editor for text changes on the proof

Configurable reporting for tracking time spent