Creatives are always connected to the flat plan through the GoPublish InDesign plugin

Check artwork into the plan directly from Adobe InDesign

Creative designers using Adobe InDesign save a ton of time with GoPublish.

There’s no need to export PDFs, combine them together and share them around on email or file service.

Designers work on their own InDesign documents in the normal way. When ready, they check them into the plan through the plugin which displays their artwork on the visual for everyone to see.

At the same time, it backs a copy up to the server and auto-creates a PDF for the ad sales team or anyone else to grab from the plan.

Manage page layouts using InDesign documents

The InDesign plugin is the go-between for the .indd documents and the centralised flat plan in GoPublish.

Thanks to the client and issue structure, everything is nicely organised, making it easy to find and open documents from different plans.

Assign issue pages to documents in your pallet. Set start and end dates for submission. Stay updated with real-time updates such as ‘With Editorial’ or ‘Out for Review’ against page artwork.

It’s so efficient, you can forget about the admin and just focus on creating amazing reader experiences.

Design in collaborative harmony

Having awareness of what’s going on around you is great, right?

GoPublish gives you it in spades. You know what pages are being worked on and by whom. And when they are due. And what status they are at.

If someone’s working on a page, nobody else can overwrite it or check it out of the plan, reducing errors and content loss.

Refolio, page reordering and versioning done on auto

Getting feedback on publication designs couldn’t be easier.

The Send for Proof option from within the InDesign document opens the link to GoProof, a global leader in proofing and collaboration software that just so happens to be the sister product of Oppolis.

Invite as many collaborators as you want to view and comment on the shared proof through the secure GoProof website portal, requesting new versions and signing it off when everyone’s happy.

Awesome PDF output functions for print

PDFs can be collected by anyone approved from the flat plan or just exported as normal from the design document.

And this next bit is super-cool. Using your InDesign Job Options, GoPublish can be scheduled to output PDFs that align with the status of the document.

So for example, if the document status changes to Ready for Print, the next time a PDF is collected from the plan it will be a hi-res print ready one with all the crops, bleeds and trimmings.

The productivity goes further if you have third party add-on software connected for preflight. If a PDF fails a flight check, GoPublish automatically removes the PDF so it can’t be outputted to the printer. No messed up fonts or oversets.

It’s a huge failsafe that happens without you even worrying about it.

Go get some rest.

Integrated plugin for Adobe InDesign

Manage the plan from InDesign

Check documents in and out of the plan

Collaborative working with document locks

Auto-update page numbers and orders

Send designs for review directly from InDesign

Set up PDF output options to match status

Link with third party software for print failsafes